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Are you receiving a financial planning service that you value and is centred around you achieving your financial aims and objectives?

3rd February 2022

Paul McCabe, Owner & Chartered Financial Planner of Gullane based Astute Financial Planners Ltd passionately believes in providing his clients with an annual planning service that his clients enjoy and genuinely look forward to.

Paul recognises that Financial Planning can be deemed complicated, full of jargon and that clients are petrified of making mistakes so the service is personable, friendly and every step and stage is explained meticulously.

Astute Financials’ service is centred around the client and is a lifestyle financial planning service meaning that the vast majority of opening and ongoing conversations focus heavily on aims and objectives addressing the main issues – what clients wish to spend their accumulated or forecasted wealth on and making sure that this lifestyle can be maintained both now and in the future.

McCabe explains “I’m now in my 25th year of financial services and sadly over the years I’ve seen products and fad stories being “sold” to clients.  Yes, a client will on occasion be in need of a financial product such as a Pension or an ISA, for example, but more often than not clients will want to get a handle on where they are just now and what type of financial future they are heading for and a picture paints a thousand words.  To illustrate one’s finances, we have cash flow modelling software at the heart of our client experience and use this to illustrate what the future holds – whether this be selling a business, helping the kids, buying that sports car that’s always been on the bucket list and I have the great pleasure of seeing clients engage with me when we are talking about their financial aims – sometimes dreams, perhaps retiring earlier than one planned.  I have never seen a client get excited about being sold a shiny new financial product and don’t think I would ever want to either”

McCabe prides himself on putting the client first and sees it as a privilege to be involved in a client’s financial planning journey.

What do Astute Financial Planners charge?

McCabe believes in a completely transparent charging structure and after an initial consultation, the cost of which being met by Astute Financial, all initial and any applicable ongoing fees will be fully explained and quoted before a client then decides to proceed.

If you would like to get a handle on your current financial position and gain valuable insight as to what your financial future looks like get in touch today calling 0131 564 1490 or by emailing info@astute-financial.co.uk


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