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Scottish Family Company Revolutionizes Mould Prevention with Innovative Dutch Product

30th April 2024

  In the heart of East Lothian, a small family-owned company is making waves in the battle against black mould. Through the introduction of an innovative Dutch product called Inducoat Fungi, Hamill Decorating is transforming homes and businesses, banishing the pesky mould that plagues many households.

Inducoat Fungi, a cutting-edge solution developed in the Netherlands, has caught the attention of Hamill Decorating, a business deeply rooted in the Scottish community. With a commitment to offering the best in home improvement solutions, Hamill Decorating saw the potential of Inducoat Fungi to revolutionize mould prevention in the region.

"We are thrilled to introduce Inducoat Fungi to our customers," says Jeanette Hamill. "Black mould is a common issue in many Scottish homes, with as many as 10% of households affected by mould. Traditional solutions often fall short. With Inducoat Fungi, we can finally offer a long-lasting and effective way to combat mould growth, providing our customers with cleaner and healthier living spaces."

Inducoat Fungi is a specially formulated paint designed to inhibit the growth of mould and fungi on surfaces. Its unique, slow release composition creates a protective barrier that prevents mould spores from taking hold, ensuring that treated areas remain mould-free for extended periods. Unlike traditional mould-resistant paints, Inducoat Fungi offers superior durability and effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for Scottish homes and businesses.

Hamill Decorating is proud to be at the forefront of mould prevention innovation in Scotland, bringing the benefits of Inducoat Fungi to local communities. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Hamill Decorating is dedicated to providing top-notch solutions that improve the lives of its customers.

For more information about Hamill Decorating and its range of products and services, please visit https://hamilldecorating.com/inducoat-fungi/ or contact Jeanette Hamill at admin@hamilldecorating.com



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