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Why small businesses need to go green now

13th October 2017

UK businesses contribute a staggering 33% of all the country’s Co2 emissions. With small to medium sized businesses making up 70% of the UK’s total business count, it’s crucial they become more environmentally aware. And, switching to a green energy tariff is the single biggest thing a business can do to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Unlike that of large corporate organisations, the switching process for energy contracts is simple and can often be done quickly for smaller businesses. 

Furthermore, the prices of such renewable contracts are in line with tariffs sourced through the burning of fossil fuels – so there’s really no excuse not to go green. 

At Utilitywise we’ve already taken our first steps on our green journey through agreeing renewable energy tariffs for all of our offices across the UK. We’re also now offering 100% renewable tariffs to our customers. 

Why go green?

  •  It's easy - Using a green energy tariff is one of the easiest ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. All Utilitywise green tariffs use 100% renewable energy
  • Customers like it - Going green sends a strong message to customers that you care about the environment, making them more likely to buy from you.
  • Reputation enhancing - Get green certification to display in your business and promote your carbon commitment to customers, employees and potential investors.
  • Business winning - When bidding for certain contracts, you may not be eligible unless you meet certain environmentally friendly preconditions. We can help you meet them.
  • Money saving - A Utilitywise green tariff could be cheaper than what you pay today, plus we’ll help you reduce your bills through energy saving. 

Click here to learn more about green energy tariffs https://hubs.ly/H08R0Jv0

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