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2019 Chamber Business Awards Categories

Business High Growth of the Year 

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 The award is open to businesses of all sizes and recognises businesses that have experienced exceptional growth in sales, profit, market share, jobs or international trade. Judges will be looking for an organisation that can demonstrate the highest levels of growth with a strong plan for sustainable financial performance.

Download application High Growth Form 2019

The judges will be looking at:
• Significant growth and/or expansion
• Financial performance (turnover / profitability)
• Workforce / employment growth
• Plans for further growth, expansion & diversification
• Sustainability

Business Innovation of the Year

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It’s awarded to a business that can successfully demonstrate innovations by doing something new to their business process or new to their industry.

Download application Business Innovation Form 2019

The judges will be looking at:
• Innovation & creative thinking (How does it differ from anything that has gone before?)
• Creating of a new business unit, product, process or services
• Bottom-line results based on this innovation
• Financial Performance to date
• Plans for further growth, expansion & diversification
• Sustainability
• How successful it is

Environmental Impact Award

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This is an Award for any size company that has made changes to improve their environmental impact. This is an ideal platform to promote your efforts towards anything from, waste management, sustainable transport, energy consumption through to behavioural change.  We are also interested to hear about your responsible use of resources during production and service supply chain monitoring.

Download application Environmental Impact Form 2019 

The judges will be looking at:
• Innovation and positive impact;  new thinking , new procedures , new technologies that make a meaningful contribution to immediate or long term environmental protection and sustainability
• Waste reduction
• Energy usage
• Processes
• How the business improve  / lessen their environmental impact

Commitment to Youth Development

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This award recognises a business that has been successful in engaging with, supporting, mentoring and motivating young people whilst at the same time providing them with skills to develop their own characteristics, values and habits.

Download application Youth Development form 2019 

The judges will be looking at:
• Details of the project / initiatives
• Positive aspects of youth involvement and benefits
• Evidence to demonstrate outcomes delivered and any difference made

Community Impact Award 

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This award is open to businesses that have made a significant positive impact within the   community and to the lives of individuals within them. 

Download application Community Impact 2019  

The judges will be looking at:
• Programmes, events or projects with not-for profit social objectives
• An innovative approach to the way the enterprise operates
• Identification of market or end user
• Activities that stimulate interest in the arts, community engagement, encourage enterprise or raise aspirations  

Employer of the Year 

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The Employer of the Year Award will be given to the business that can best prove a genuine dedication to their workforce, over and above any statutory duty.

Download application Employer of The Year

Judges will be looking for an organisation who can demonstrate:

  • A clear plan for creating a great place to work
  • Commitment to employees development, wellbeing and retention 
  • Dedication to creating a motivated workforce
  • Demonstrable encouragement of employee voice
  • Treating their staff in a fair and equitable manner 
Family Business of the Year

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  This category is for a family business, operating in any sector of the economy, which     has enjoyed outstanding success. 

Download application Family Business of The Year

The Judges will be looking at:

  • Evidence of a strong business performance
  • How the business has developed its succession plan
  • How it copes with new family members joining, and that it has a clear long-term vision for the business
  • How the business has used its family values to grow the business. 
New Business of the Year  

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This award recognises new start-up businesses, under two years old, that have translated an idea into a successful business venture.

Download application New Business of the Year Form 2019 

The Judges will be looking at:

• Market research including market size, customer profile and competitor analysis
• Initial foothold in the market
• How their marketing efforts result in new business
• Financial performance to date
• Plans for further growth, expansion & diversification
• Sustainability

SME of the Year

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Awarded to organisations employing up to 250 full time members of staff, this award goes to the company that has achieved consistent growth backed by a strong financial performance, while demonstrating a clear understanding of the markets that it operates in.

Download application SME of the year 2019 

The judges will be looking at:
• What differentiates the company’s products/services from their competitors
• Strong managerial and financial performance
• Innovation
• Potential for growth
• Evidence of the businesses commitment to staff

Business Ambassador of the Year

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Awarded to an individual who has been actively engaged with the business community through the Mid & East Lothian Chamber network and support the work of the Chamber. This category is by Nomination only. 

Who can enter?

ALL businesses in East Lothian & Midlothian 

How to enter?

              • Download the Award Form for category / categories you enter and submit your application for free by email to dita@thebusinesspartnership.org.uk  by 12 Noon on Thursday 15th August 2019 

              • After uploading your entry, you should receive an email receipt of your submission

              • Judging process will commence from W/C Business Innovation Form 2019

              • The shortlist will be announced mid-September  We will send you an email first before we make the shortlist public.  

                We will send out a press release, post on social media, and feature it in the MELCC e-newsletter and website.

              • Winners will be announced at the Annual Business Exhibition & Awards Dinner - 30th October 2019 at The Brunton, Musselburgh.

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