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AEB Consulting Scotland Ltd

Sector Business Services
Address 1A Torphichen Street
Town Edinburgh
Postcode EH3 8HX
Company Summary

AEB Consulting Scotland appreciate the frustration caused by many, varied and sometimes complicated factors to consider within Records and Information Management requirements.  In our vast experience, we have found that our clients are either looking for New Service Provisions OR are desperately seeking support in dealing with their existing Service Provisions going forward.

The most common issues seem to be :-

(a) confusion around specific service provision which is made more complicated by multiple supplier language

(b) lack of clarity around service lines and their associated billing charges, their purpose and appropriate use

(c) Lack of transparency around Contracting Terms and their implications to the client such as Permanent Withdrawal charges

(d) lack of good customer support and service as part of the services promised, purchased but not always delivered

(e) over promised and under delivered service provision through eager sales and no after sale support or clarity


Our goal is to find out what our clients wish to achieve, what’s currently in place and then finding the best solution to fit the gap and improve going forward.

AEB Consulting Scotland have a lot of experience across all client’s business sectors boasting first-hand experience having worked for many suppliers over the past 18 years and served a great deal of clients during that time.  AEB Consulting Scotland offer true empathy and understanding of client challenges and frustrations and have a wealth of knowledge specific to this Industry focusing on the pros and cons that each potential Supplier may bring to the table in their quest to win our client’s business and to assist with the options for future planning.

Website www.aebcscotland.co.uk..
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