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19th August 2020

In Peter Pan, Captain Hook has his nightmares.

Along with the adversary in Peter, calling him a codfish and avoiding all his attempts in bringing him down, the crocodile is seen as the scary enemy that could finish him off.

The sound of the Tic Toc from the clock that the crocodile swallowed previously seems to send chills down Hook’s spine and turn him into a quivering idiot.

Perhaps Walt Disney was playing to the adult viewers, portraying restless nights and panicky dreams of the corporate world, managers the world over hard pressed. Time, instead of endless, now turned into deadlines with bosses and clients alike demanding more and more, squeezing greater amount of work into what seems less and less time.

So, the nightmare of a clock turning into a leviathan out to snap at your limbs and drag you to the deep is what time poor managers and executives wrestle with in their thoughts.

As time is finite, how to get more out of it whilst staying calm and meeting objectives is paramount.

Finding different ways to save time – that’s a strange expression as you can neither lose nor save the commodity of time – is important.

One time saving device or bit of software I have recently started using is Receipt Bank (note there will be other similar apps).

The great points are that you can snap (pardon the pun) a photo of a receipt and upload it straight to the software. You therefore no longer need to keep paper copies. Also, it links in directly with accountancy software.

Along with the snap you can also upload pdf bills and invoices. And another feature I really like is the Invoice Fetch. Here it automatically collects your new bills and invoices from your energy supplier portal (and other types of suppliers). The fetched documents automatically come straight to receipt bank, saving you the need to either snap or upload.

Banish that crocodile from your thoughts!

Have a look yourself at www.receipt-bank.com

Note: I am not affiliated to receipt bank, the blog is simply an impartial view to offer possible ways of saving time

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