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SMEs can benefit from the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

6th October 2017

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been around since 1994. So, what is it? Well, EIS helps small and medium-sized unquoted trading companies raise finance. They do this by issuing new, ordinary shares to previously unconnected individuals.

Ian Haynes, an associate of Springfords, told Midlothian and East Lothian Breakfast Club that there were risks. He advised consulting an expert before venturing down the EIS route but Mr Haynes added: “There are also significant tax breaks. They include 30 per cent income tax relief plus Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax exemption."

He added: “EIS is a way small companies can attract investment for expansion. “It is a useful tool as it allows the company to get money in and allows investors to get a really good tax break. It can be for any size of business but it must be a limited company. It can’t be a sole trader or partnership but it is possible to do it with most companies as long as they are not huge. However, you need good tax advice to know whether or not it is right for you.” 

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