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Scottish Government Publishes Covid-19 Construction Sector Guidance

4th May 2020

*This guidance is for the construction sector. It came into effect on 6 April 2020 and extends until further notice. Companies should consider their operations in light of this guidance.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Scottish Government’s business and social distancing guidance. It provides further guidance for the construction sector to help businesses determine what constitutes ‘essential’ work that may be able to continue. No non-essential work should continue at this time.


  • projects to create or repurpose facilities which will be used directly in COVID-19 related activities including testing, containment, treatment, research, vaccine production, protective equipment manufacture, other key medical supplies, and other related activity, including supply chains to those projects.
  • projects to create or repurpose facilities which will be used to accommodate key workers or free-up space in facilities to be used directly in COVID-19 related activities as above.
  • projects to create or repurpose facilities and infrastructure critical to the national response to COVID-19 including food production, distribution and digital communication, where these facilities are likely to be completed and operational within 6 months.
  • projects which are considered essential public services or which will provide wider resilience and capacity across essential systems (eg which strengthen security of fuel and energy supply). 


  • domestic housing
  • schools, further and higher education institutions and early years provision
  • office buildings and other commercial properties
  • leisure
  • retail
  • warehousing
  • garages and showrooms
  • ecclesiastical
  • community centres
  • non-health related civic buildings
  • public realm - hard and soft including (but not limited to) roads, which includes footpaths, footways, cycle lanes and verges; pavements; parks; and grassy areas
  • justice and custodial


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