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Let’s Call Time On Tariffs

3rd August 2020

What is happening?

Scottish businesses have been hit with a 25% tariff on exports going into the US. The tariff, which has been in place since October 2019, is having a dramatic effect on the amount and cost of goods and service’s that Scottish companies can provide their American counterparts.  We cannot continue to absorb these costs. 

The USA is Scotland’s top international export destination. Exports were worth £5.5 billion in 2018, which was 16.3% of Scotland’s total international exports highlighting its importance to Scottish jobs and economy.  

What does that mean?

While the UK is negotiating a free trade agreement with the US, the tariffs remain in place, with millions being lost in exports every month. Time is running out for the UK and Scottish Government to have these tariffs removed.
Coupled with the impact of COVID-19, the damage that tariffs are causing could result in a large number of redundancies in the UK and US.  

How can you help?

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce network, in partnership with the Scottish Whisky Association and others, are campaigning to bring an end to these unfair tariffs on our exports to the USA which will go live on Monday 3rd August and run until Tuesday 11th August.
We’re calling on businesses and our employees to write to their local MP and MSP to let them know how this is impacting on our future jobs. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the UK and Scottish Government’s understands what Scottish businesses are up against, but you can help, too.
We’re calling on people to write to their local MSP and MP to let them know how you feel. Tell them to #CallTimeOnTariffs by urging the UK and Scottish Government’s to act fast, to negotiate directly with the US to get these unfair tariffs removed before we see more damage to Scotland’s export capabilities.

Contact your MSP/MP

  • Find the contact details of your MSP by searching your postcode here.
  • Find the contact details of your MP by searching your postcode here.
  • Your local MSP/MP is displayed, click their name.
  • Copy and paste the suggested letter here – please adapt, as necessary.
  • Provide your full name and address – needed when contacting MSPs/MPs.
  • Send the letter to your MSP/MP via email.
  • Tell us you have emailed your MSP/MP by emailing admin@scottishchambers.org.uk, so we keep you in touch with our campaign to end tariffs.

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