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How to escape always being too busy and do what you want daily.

2nd November 2020

Being too busy sucks, right?

Feeling like you’re always rushing around...

Wishing you could just have an hour to yourself.

So you can relax.

Go to the gym.

Have an uninterrupted date night.

Or get through those big tasks that have been haunting you…

You’ve heard it before…

“You just need to prioritize what you want out of life!”

Yeah whatever... easier said than done right?

But trust me it is possible.

You just need to know what to focus on

So you can avoid stress and unhappiness.

Something to keep you fit and healthy

So you are always learning, become more successful AND be there for your family at the same time, daily!

You can have this. It’s called balance

It’s a little something we focus on called the Fairbros4

So, you can be balanced.

Here’s some easy ideas you can focus your time on:


  1.        Go a walk or get at least 30 minutes of exercise


  1.        Read only 10 pages of a book with your morning coffee


  1.        Send a text to an old friend or family member


  1.        Do something each day that improves your career or business

From experience, we all THINK we have balance

But we can always be better

We need to know where we are so we can improve

So, we created a personal balance calculator for you

It shows us just how balanced we really are, not what we think we are

When you click the link or scan the QR code below

It will take you straight there

It only takes a few minutes but it’s the first step to happiness, try it…

Balance Calculator - https://www.fairbros.co.uk/fairbros-4-balance-calculator/


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