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QMU and Edinburgh New Town Cookery School launch Albert Roux Dinner

International hospitality students had their culinary skills put to the test on 1 December when Queen Margaret University celebrated its new training partnership with the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School and launched its plans for The Albert Roux Dinner 2012.

The reception, which was held yesterday at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School (ENTCS), saw the University’s hospitality students cooking up a storm in the training kitchens under the watchful eye of Fiona Burrell, a former Queen Margaret graduate and Principal of the ENTCS. The reception was also a perfect opportunity for students to shape up their hospitality front of house and service skills. They served up a host of delicious culinary delights to an audience of suppliers and guests who had supported and participated in The Albert Roux Dinner earlier this year – an event which gained the reputation as the dining spectacle of the year.

The new partnership between QMU and ENTCS aims to educate students and ignite their passion for food and produce and develop their cooking techniques. All of the students’ training is under the direction of Fiona Burrell, who undertook her own culinary training at the former Queen Margaret College in the 1970s. The reception at ENTCS proved to be an excellent learning experience for the students who are preparing for their role in next year’s Albert Roux Dinner to be held at QMU. The event, which is set for 12th May 2012, aims to top last year’s dinner with an even more flamboyant and entertaining gastronomic extravaganza. The Dinner will feature food prepared by young aspiring chefs from some of Scotland’s top kitchens, but will also showcase the University’s specialist areas of food, fashion and film.

Trevor Laffin, Head of Business, Enterprise and Management at Queen Margaret University, said: “We like to create interesting and inspiring opportunities for our hospitality students and we are delighted that our new partnership with ENTCS is allowing our students to benefit from such a high standard of hands on training. It’s also inspiring and challenging for students to take part in high profile culinary events which involve discerning diners, culinary experts, food suppliers and internationally renowned chefs.”

Trevor continued: “QMU is delighted to be working in partnership with Fiona Burrell in the education and training of our students, and QMU staff and students are all very excited about presenting next year’s gourmet dining experience – The Albert Roux Dinner 2012. We are also pleased to announce that Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland (HIT Scotland), which raises funds to support and encourage excellence in the hospitality industry, will be the charity partner of the next Roux Dinner along with QMU. We look forward to providing more details about the Dinner, including the celebrity chef involvement, in the New Year.”