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Talking About My Generation

The Potten Computer School, based in Portobello, is planning FREE Internet 'taster' sessions to coincide with National Silver Surfer's Day on Friday 21st May, part of Adult Learners' Week which runs from May 15th to 21st.

The free sessions - lasting 30 minutes each - will take place on the Friday afternoon between 3pm and 4.30pm, with places for 4 students on each session and 2 experienced teachers on hand, so personal attention is assured.

Silver Surfers’ Day (SSD) is the UK’s largest, national digital literacy campaign for older people. SSD is managed each year by Digital Unite, who came up with the idea in 2002 and is part of NIACE’s (National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) Adult Learners’ Week.

Heather and her husband Jonathan, who are proprietors of the school commented that, despite the economic downturn, enquiries from all age groups about training courses to start them on the road to computer confidence or to upgrade existing skills were on the increase. They explained “We believe that everyone’s learning requirements are different, which is why we design our courses with the emphasis on the individual and their particular needs”.

Outlining their plans for 2010 and beyond, Heather stated that “as a relatively new company we are committed to working closely with education, employment and training service providers to ensure that individuals who need/wish to learn new computer skills or simply upgrade existing ones receive every opportunity to do so".

“Equally, in retirement, learning about computers helps people to feel connected to the modern world, opening up a wealth of opportunities: keeping in touch with friends and family, researching into hobbies and interests or learning completely new skills".

The couple, who are passionate about encouraging older people to overcome their fears and enter the world of computers, believe that free 'taster' sessions will help people understand the benefits that access to the internet can give them.